Suicide & Crime Scene Cleanup FAQ

Common Questions about Suicide and Crime Scene Cleanup


Suicide cleanup can be a challenge for the average person.  It can be emotionally overwhelming, and most people are not equipped with the protective gear and knowledge to do the job correctly.

If you are faced with cleaning up a crime scene, suicide, car wreck, industrial accident, hoarding situation, or death scene, hiring professional biohazard cleaners assures the removal of all traces of biohazards and provides effective property remediation. Sterile Pros offers expert crime scene remediation in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Refer to the following FAQ to learn more.

Will my home owners insurance cover the cost?

Yes. All home owners insurance cover any trauma/ biohazard that has happened in the home. Additionally, it is against the law for them to raise their rates after filing one of these claims.

How long does the cleanup process take?
Depending on the severity of the situation, the entire process can be completed in a couple hours or can last up to a couple days.
Do I need to hire a company that also does fire, smoke and mold damage?
No! That is the equivalent of hiring a plumber to do an electricians job. We deal mostly with death, biohazard, and trauma cleanup. We are the only company suited for this type of work.
Can I handle the cleanup myself?
No, there is potentially infectious material. It is a biohazard scene that comes with severe inherent dangers. You would be putting yourself at great risk to catch various bloodborne diseases and other severe illnesses, even if you think you know the medical history of the deceased person. Additionally, it is against federal and state law to throw away biohazardous waste in the trash and individuals simply do not possess the training or materials needed to handle the cleanup process.
How can I verify that companies are trained and certified in the disposal of biohazardous material? Are there documents I need to ask for?
All OSHA trained and certified crime scene practitioners should be registered with the California Health Department so ensure you ask for their certifications. Additionally, they should have thorough experience with the handling and disposal of biohazardous material and that the process and equipment used in the disposal process is in accordance with state regulations. Simply ask if they are insured and what their business license number is.
Can you get rid of the smell and ensure no lingering odor?
Of course, if you hire a company who does not eliminate all odors associated with the crime scene, then you have hired the wrong company unfortunately. We guarantee to eliminate all odors present and to prevent any future odors.
How much do your services cost?
Each crime scene is treated on a case by case basis due to the individuality of each trauma scenario. Our certified technicians will provide you with an estimate after examining the crime scene and determining the scale and scope of cleanup needed.
Why aren’t there any photos of your work?

In the line of work we do, most of our clients are dealing with a very personal and private situation. Therefore, we do not display any photos of the scene or the end result. We will also be sure to keep your situation as discreet as possible. We have strict confidentiality agreement with all customers.

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