According to recent research conducted by OSHA, around 60,000 injuries and over 100 casualties happen every year because of industrial accidents. Approximately 10% of industrial accidents are related to poor lockout-tagout maintenance. With this proven statistics, it has found that industries can reduce industrial accidents from 10% to 20% with a professional Lockout-Tagout Service. Some insurance companies provide lower premiums to companies with compelling and standardized lockout programs.

Hazardous Energy from Machines and Equipment

During the time of servicing or maintenance machines and equipment related to mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, chemical, pneumatic, and thermal functions, Lockout-Tagout is very important to implement. Workers such as electricians, plumbers, mechanics need to be educated in the importance of Lockout-Tagout. It can result in avoiding serious injury or even death.

Our effective High-level Lockout-Tagout Service focuses on the four isolation tasks given below as we standardize the programs with OSHA standards.

  • Identify the energy source(s)

  • Isolate the energy source(s)

  • Lock and Tag the energy source(s)

  • Prove that the equipment isolation is effective

The following are effective lockout/tagout program that we process with the following five steps.

  • Step 1: Comprehensive understanding of the mechanism

  • Step 2: Warning the workers in detail

  • Step 3: Shutting down equipment properly

  • Step 4: Disconnecting all primary and secondary energy sources

  • Step 6: Verifying the complete lockout process

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