One of the most challenging and hardest situations for a cleanup and odor removal specialists is an unattended death (when a person dies and is not found for days, weeks, or even months). If not cleaned properly, even the smallest amount of bacteria can grow and cause serious physical damage within the home and the highly potent odor can impact both the safety and well-being of future occupants.

If you find a strong odor due to an unattended death, body decomposition, bodily fluids, urine, or any other reason – Sterile Pros can help. We have a full team of certified cleanup specialists that offers body decomposition and odor removal services cities that are including Los Angeles, Ventura, San Diego, Tulare, Kern, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, etc. When removing odor, it is recommended that protective equipment (PPE) including chemical resistant gloves, bloodborne pathogen coveralls w/boots, and goggles be worn. Our best odor removal services in Los Angeles can eliminate unpleasant smells and harmful toxins that have developed in your area. Sterile Pros has over several years of experience in sanitizing residential, commercial, industrial, public, vehicles and even outdoor locations. One call to Sterile Pros will be the easiest and fastest path to completely restoring your contaminated situation.

Contact Sterile Pros for Body Decomposition Odor Removal now at 1-844-BIO-CREW.

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