How does forensic cleaning make the crime scenes be free from health issues?

As a matter of fact, the key motive of forensic cleaning is to detach any biological material from a trauma or crime scene and restore the scene to a livable and healthy condition. The cleaning process often requires specific equipment and knowledge that general cleaning workers don’t possess. A professional forensic cleaning service company, like Sterile Pros, perform scientific Forensic Cleaning Services San Diego, Los Angeles and some other areas in the US, play a key role in cleaning large blood spills and other biological materials in any setting.

Forensic cleaning crews are well aware of local and federal rules and regulations and are technically and scientifically trained to safely handle cleanup services for the following incidents:

  • Suicides

  • Industrial accidents

  • Unattended deaths

  • Homicides

  • Tear gas incidents

  • And many more

The materials that they use include:

  • Bio-tape and plastic sheeting

  • Biohazard suits, PPE including gloves, masks for respiration, and shoe coverings

  • Biohazard disposal containers

  • Proprietary cleaning agents

  • Bio-waste and medical bins

  • Specialized equipment and machinery including ozone generators and foggers

The Cleaning Techniques

  • Cleaning: detaching all traces of chemicals, dirt, blood spills, blood loss, and biological materials from the control zone

  • Sanitization: Once the cleaning is over, technicians use disinfectants by spraying surfaces.

  • Deodorization: Finally, they use a deodorizer to remove lingering odors.

Where can you find a reliable and trustworthy forensic cleaning company?

Sterile Pros provides professional services. If you want to keep away from legal issues and bloodborne pathogens, call our branches in the US for a perfect forensic cleaning service.

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