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What’s the very last thing you ever want to have to ask Siri: “Who’s the best crime scene cleaner in Los Angeles?” Disturbingly, Siri is having to answer that question more often these days. Despite California boasting the toughest gun laws in the U.S., with the rise in gun violence nationwide the past two years have seen the number of murders in Los Angeles increase by 35%.

The Trauma of Crime Scene Cleanup

What could be more traumatic than being faced with the aftermath of a violent crime?  Once all the chaos of emergency personnel and police investigators has ended and the crime scene has been thoroughly searched, fingerprinted, photographed. and otherwise documented, the crime scene cleanup is left to the family or property owner. In some cases, it may be days before a crime scene is released for biohazard remediation.

At such an upsetting time, what average person could be expected to handle the overwhelming, not to mention stomach-turning, task of cleanup? Even if you had the stomach for it, how many people have the specialized equipment and the expertise to handle biohazards safely and effectively? You absolutely cannot just whip out a bottle of spray  cleaner and a crate of Bounty and start scrubbing, then dump the whole mess in your garbage can.

Managing Biohazards Requires Special Training

Biohazards should never be handled carelessly. Because of the dangers presented by possible blood-borne pathogens, a crime scene should be treated as if a life threatening infection was present. As a result, biohazard waste cleanup in California is strictly regulated. Cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing a crime scene is a job for experts.

The magnitude of crime scene cleanup may not be immediately apparent to the average layperson, but it involves more than just cleaning up the immediate site. The possibility of cross-contamination to other parts of the building during the forensics investigation must be dealt with. Not only must a scene be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, often structural elements of the property must be removed. Carpeting and other flooring may need to be pulled up and disposed of properly, and walls might have to be demolished.

For all of these reasons, if you are faced with cleaning up after a violent crime, you should search for the best professional crime scene service near you. To be sure, this is not a job for a general all purpose cleaning company. To legally provide crime scene cleanup in California, a company must have a Trauma Scene Waste Management Practitioner Permit.

Licensed crime scene cleaners specialize in the sanitization, disinfection, and cleanup of any biohazardous material. These professionals have the proper personal protective gear and specialized equipment necessary to handle death cleanup, and they are trained to navigate the many potential hazards associated with such a daunting task

What Should I Expect From the Best Crime Scene Cleaners?

    • Fast, efficient service
    • Affordability
    • 24/7 services
    • Full licensure
    • Insurance
    • State and federal regulatory compliance
    • Skilled, highly trained professionals
    • Discretion and compassion
    • Family ownership

So Siri, Who Is the Best Crime Scene Cleaner in Los Angeles?

Sterile Pros offers the quick, skilled, compassionate service you need during such a stressful time. At Sterile Pros, all we do is blood cleanup and biohazard removal. Our teams are local and highly trained to fully remediate all blood-borne pathogens and remove every trace of visible evidence that a violent crime ever occurred. For fast, effective cleanup of your home or business after a violent crime, rely on the experts at Sterile Pros.

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